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The Orlando Shooter, Moslems, Hypocritical Politicians and Irresponsible Voters

We suppose that the primary difference between the two U.S. political parties is their advertising. Not, please note, their reality. It’s only our opinion; feel free to differ. Per such ads, the Left is supposed to be compassionate, the Right, … Continue reading

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Lone Mass Killers Aren’t “Workplace Violence” Nor “Moslem Terrorism”: They’re Nuts!

Fox News’ top pundit Bill O’Reilly was fulminating this evening over the FBI’s classification of the Ft. Hood shooter and the recent beheading in Arkansas as “workplace violence.” Mr. O’Reilly wants those to be legally charged Moslem terrorism. He pointed … Continue reading

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If Homo Sapiens Rules, Are The Nuts Running The Asylum?

Can nations be insane? We hear that repeating past actions expecting a different result is a definition of insanity; one may parse that to equal ignoring reality in conducting one’s life. We consider kids who murder innocents in schools and … Continue reading

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