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The American Left now seems to be treating white men much as the Nazis began treating Jews. A New Orleans food stall gathered favorable (and evidently much needed) publicity advertising that White customers were charged more than others. Race/gender based … Continue reading

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The Wrongs Of The Rights Game…

Words can be slippery things; as George Orwell’s “War is Peace” and “Freedom is Slavery” illustrated in his book “1984.” He was preceded of course, by an earlier political satire: “Through the Looking Glass: by Lewis Carroll, with this: ‘When I use … Continue reading

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When Your Brain Testifies Against You…

If we think the economic mismanagement, wars and corruption we’ve been enjoying from government are scary, think for a moment of the new tool coming from researchers in a prison. The subjects have been confined and we may wish that … Continue reading

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Minorities Have No Rights…(That Majorities Don’t Have)

Minority’ has two meanings; one is honest. That one simply says, a minority is less than a majority. Inarguable. The other, political meaning includes that and adds political privilege to the deal. Blacks in the U.S. are less than the … Continue reading

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Dead Pelican Jails Homeless Man

Awhile back, American people had rights conferred by God and unalienable by government, at least if you believed the Declaration of Independence. And man had dominion over the earth and its creatures; that was in the Bible. Right. Things have … Continue reading

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Court to Decide: Is Eugenics a Basic Human Right?

The mom of a recently born daughter has a case before the European Court of Human Rights. Seems she wasn’t told her coming bundle of joy had Down Syndrome in time to abort the birth and she wants to save others from … Continue reading

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