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Do You Beoeve Your Media And Your Government Today?

In now unnewsworthy Ferguson, MO where Michael Brown, a young black man, was shot by police recently, we read today that, after a candlelight vigil for Brown, the new Brown Memorial burned and that was followed by a crowd invading, … Continue reading

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A Silly Question About Businessfolk And Policians In America

We thought, perhaps because our dinner wineglass held a dollop more than usual, to ask a perfectly silly question that we have not seen raised elsewhere. It concerns our politicians. To dress the stage for our question, we point first … Continue reading

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The Level Of American Political Discourse

American political debate has never been particularly intellectual, no more than has American society. For that, one has to go to Europe. Americans have been and remain if anything, rather anti-intellectual. But pride is taken, or at any rate has … Continue reading

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