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We Have Great Gadgets … But How Sapient Are Humans, Really?

It’s noticeable that large scale social changes often include a lot of social dislocation. In America, the Industrial Revolution drew many from the land into the cities, stranding them there when financial systems broke down. The plight of such numbers … Continue reading

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Government Confers Privilege, Not Rights (Very Dull Post)

An honest observer admits that in the human species, men and women seek mates for pleasure, reinforcement and protection. Resulting children remain dependent for well over a decade. People also congregate naturally with others in groups, for the same reasons. … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis, Humanity?

Roman Catholics are Christians; their numbers in the West are shrinking.So are those of Protestants. In the Moslem world, the numbers of committed believers also shrinks. Too many precepts of each faith are becoming ignored as people discover modern technology … Continue reading

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If Homo Sapiens Rules, Are The Nuts Running The Asylum?

Can nations be insane? We hear that repeating past actions expecting a different result is a definition of insanity; one may parse that to equal ignoring reality in conducting one’s life. We consider kids who murder innocents in schools and … Continue reading

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