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Our picks from the recent past, very and not very significant: Secretary of State Kerry said that Syria’s Assad must go. (As Putin has dealt himself in, Russia must agree … now, we only await Assad’s agreement.) Meanwhile, Russia is … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Here we are again, gathering up the leavings of another week … The Author of: “Clinton Cash,” the tell all book exposing the Clinton Foundation to scrutiny, has had to hire full time security. (Why, do you suppose?) A new … Continue reading

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Real Science Channels Doctors Caligari And Franenstein …

Some allegedly ‘leading’ biologists have requested a world-wide  DNA Editing Ban on a new DNA editing technique insofar as human DNA is concerned. Next we will read of a leading bear requesting a ban on honey. The magic new tool allows … Continue reading

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Truly Big News On Obesity…

While a cancer cure will be  a big deal, it might be a loser to the biggest deal of all; a cure for obesity. Nothing is bigger than obesity! And today, Science Daily reported progress in that direction. No, this … Continue reading

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Lamarck’s Zombie Stalks Science, Threatens Politicians…

Remember the old school-textbook illustration showing an ape following a crouching caveman following an upright modern man, intended to display evolution? It somehow remained in textbooks long after science obsoleted the idea behind it for an absolute lack of evidence. … Continue reading

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