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Fixing Figure Skating (Part One: Boys)

Fixing figure skating covers a lot of ice. Fix what? Finances, now that the TV money is history and few are watching anymore? Fix the gymnastics-on-ice, anonymous scoring that is offending fans? The extortionate costs of participation? The dearth of … Continue reading

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The Stay-At-Home Spouse Returns! (Sort Of…)

Time was, a trophy husband was an old, rich guy, usually hooked by some blond actress or such. Now they’re telling us it’s a young, poor (and good-looking?)  guy who stays home and raises the kids while mommy goes to … Continue reading

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Courageous Chinese Women Going Where the Men Go…

Li Tingting and 20 activist girlfriends are courageously defying the Chinese government with ‘occupy’-modeled public protests in metropolitan Guangzhou. Li aims for heroine status and will, if not wiped out, likely be enthroned at least. China’s ‘Occupy’ Toilet Protests Spread will provide details … Continue reading

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