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Fox News, drudgereport.com, Government and “Low Information” But Contented Citizens

The secret ObamaTrade bill took a significant step through both houses of Congress via GOP anschluss with support from most current Republican presidential hopefuls. Not all, but most. The Dems gave us ObamacCare;the Republicans are providing ObamaTrade; both were too … Continue reading

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Islam Seen Today: Fox News, President Obama … And A Terrible Reality

Tonight, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly deplored President Obama’s policy on Islamic terrorism (About 90% of world terrorism is Islamic.). Well, that is Mr. O’Reilly’s job. Regardless, he is correct in saying that the Obama propaganda suggesting that Moslems’ mass … Continue reading

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The First ‘Black’ President vs. The First In Cable News… A Grudge Match?

Unavoidably it would seem, Fox News’ leading news pundit, Bill O’Reilly, will shortly interview President Obama for the second time. The Prez clearly could use a ratings boost and perhaps the same is true of O’Reilly, or perhaps he is … Continue reading

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A Short, Simple Question…

Some Fox News programs tonight zoomed in on President Obama’a now failed promises that Obamacare patients would absolutely be able to keep their original plans and doctors. Fox replayed several film clips of the President saying those things. He left … Continue reading

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Chevy Volt Fails To Complete Very Short Circuit In New York

The Chevy Volt shockingly (per Fox News) ran out of electrons to move it in pretty short order under city driving. Watt’s more, the intrepid test drivers couldn’t find a filling station to replenish them. The real shock seems more … Continue reading

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