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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Food Stamps users have burgeoned to some 47 million people. Now, we know why. It’s not only the recession (now called: ‘recovery’) it’s also that the government has reduced the requirements for applicants and increased the amounts of the benefit … Continue reading

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“Sorry to Hear You Buried your Wife.” “Had to–Dead, Y’Know.”

Remember the Obamafolk laughing at Sarah Palin’s comment on Obamacare “Death Panels?”  If you remember, you must not have a job in the media. But if you do remember, you might put together two recent stories to make an interesting … Continue reading

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What Does the Doctor Do When His Pay Stops?

They yelled at Sarah Palin when she labeled the end-of-life provisions of ObamaCare as ‘death panels’ and that ought to have told us something. The anti-religious Left is pushing the next step with its usual initial barrage of trial balloons to … Continue reading

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Death’s Friendly, Convenient Home Service

Well, you will now get home delivery of permanent peace added to your parcels and pizza, at least if you’re Dutch. Dutch Mobile Euthanasia Unit to Make House Calls explains. We recently reported Australian medical ethics pros who just announced that post-birth abortion … Continue reading

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