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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

This week’s scrapings from reality: The culture: Masked Antifa thugs attacked a Patriot Prayer demonstration in Portland; no arrests (Report) The economy: The nothing down subprime mortgages that help sink 2008 finance are back? (Report) Israel: Hamas enlarges border fence … Continue reading

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Real Science Channels Doctors Caligari And Franenstein …

Some allegedly ‘leading’ biologists have requested a world-wide  DNA Editing Ban on a new DNA editing technique insofar as human DNA is concerned. Next we will read of a leading bear requesting a ban on honey. The magic new tool allows … Continue reading

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When Your Brain Testifies Against You…

If we think the economic mismanagement, wars and corruption we’ve been enjoying from government are scary, think for a moment of the new tool coming from researchers in a prison. The subjects have been confined and we may wish that … Continue reading

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How Will We Handle Human Biology When We Can’t Handle Government Finances?

The retribution for sacrilege has always been awful; mere man isn’t intended to assume to himself the powers of an admittedly jealous God. Now, with increasing numbers of men denying God His existence, His mantle falls upon them, having no … Continue reading

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When a Little Knowledge Is a Truly Dangerous Thing…

Biological research is now predicting defective kids in utero and identifying sociopaths using brain imaging. Please tell me why abortions aren’t about to shoot up and probably come to include kids of the wrong sex? And please, PLEASE tell me … Continue reading

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Court to Decide: Is Eugenics a Basic Human Right?

The mom of a recently born daughter has a case before the European Court of Human Rights. Seems she wasn’t told her coming bundle of joy had Down Syndrome in time to abort the birth and she wants to save others from … Continue reading

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What Does the Doctor Do When His Pay Stops?

They yelled at Sarah Palin when she labeled the end-of-life provisions of ObamaCare as ‘death panels’ and that ought to have told us something. The anti-religious Left is pushing the next step with its usual initial barrage of trial balloons to … Continue reading

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