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Well first, are ice rinks sustainable?  Rising energy and liability expenses heaped onto an expensive facility challenged by more efficient competitors for recreational dollars plus an economically declining middle class seem to raise that question. Beyond that, the sport has … Continue reading

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Who Scripted This U.S. Election?

The American economy has priced itself out of world competition. Public education works to prevent education and replace thought with obedience. Civil order is threatened by attacks on shared culture, language and behaviors. Government finance is foundering upon insolvency. Masses … Continue reading

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Figure Skating: Beauty Cannot Outlive Its Time …

Figure skating has long been subject to an argument: Is it an art or a sport? Ice shows entertained, televised figure skating entertained even more, generating a lot of money. A U.S. scandal when Olympic hopeful Nancy Kerrigan was injured … Continue reading

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Figure Skating Isn’t Worth Watching Anymore …(But A Makeup Makeover Won’t Cure Its Ills))

Figure skating and gymnastics are obscure sports for the few. Gymnastics persists on subsidies from taxpayers provided by schools and on profitable private training centers. Figure skating lacks the schools and depends upon ice rinks with higher costs and lesser … Continue reading

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What Will We Do, Without The Lone Ranger?

Once, small boys thrilled at the  announcement: “Out of the west, on a mighty horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty “Hi Yo Silver!” the Lone Ranger rides again!” But not any more. The … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of Actor Matt Damon…

There’s no shortage of hypocrisy on the Right and it should be admitted but there is something about the sanctimonious Left that no Right wingnut can match. Today provided an example, full brass band and flags flying and entirely too … Continue reading

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How Figure Skating Lost Its Way…

Figure skating was a gentleman’s pastime of drawing diagrams on the ice with skates when American ballet dancer Jackson Haines started performing his art on skates. His creation was called: “free skating” and added to the sport so as competition … Continue reading

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Are Figure Skating’s Finances Learned From Congress?

Figure Skating was a sport when winning only got you a medal. It was costly and difficult; mostly practiced by kids with moneyed parents. National events occurred in rinks and officials paid their own expenses. There were few practitioners and … Continue reading

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The Late, Not Great But Beautiful, Sport of Figure Skating

Such events as the collapse of Western economies have rightly eclipsed the fading of a once popular and beautiful thing: the artistic sport of figure skating as it fades from  popular attention. But the fading wasn’t caused by the economic … Continue reading

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GOP OK With Welfare So Long As It’s No Fun?

So, seems some food stamp/welfare clients spend their chunk of public funds on lap dances, beer and what have you. Not a news item nor a new item, either. The welfare-oriented Dems haven’t seemed to mind; the GOP sees that … Continue reading

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