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Now the NSA Has Bugged Your Computer! (Probably Your Grandmother’s Tooo)

Were you told that the government had forced the telephone company to install a secret bug in every telephone, a bug that allowed the government to listen to anyone’s calls, where would you expect that? Nazi Germany? Soviet Russia? Communist … Continue reading

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President Obama Is Saving Us All

As the NSA (National Security Agency)  or “Shhh …” as it is known to its friends (all both of them) drifts from public attention attention back into its preferred obscurity, we have been struck by a stroke of inspiration. Nobody … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About The NSA And Its Spying…

Reports seem to tell us that the National Security Agency (NSA), America’s electronic communications spy agency, basically gathers up, stores and processes much if not all the electronic message traffic in the world and invades and eavesdrops on computers around … Continue reading

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