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WhyAn Elected Trump Must Fail

Mostly, politicians fail for the same reason: They do not fulfill their promises. The same is applicable to government generally. And no more can Donald Trump fulfill his promises nor the wider expectations he has generated among voters. He must … Continue reading

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Do Democrats Or Republicans REALLY Want To Elect The Next President?

The Democrats have obtained most of what they can expect from President Obama; his polls are drifting into George Bush territory. And frustratingly, they are for the moment at least, stuck with Hillary Clinton as heir-apparent-with-baggage. Given all the Obama … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another Saturday, another compendium of current events, reports and what have you, for you to make sense of if you can. These are signposts along the way we are living; make of them what you will… In Congress, the House … Continue reading

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When Chicken Little Is Right…

Speaker Boehner, dumping the Tea Party in his Lurch to the Left, is falling into the Presidents’s trap. Both Dems and GOP know we’re headed into collapse; neither knows exactly when the stock market will fold and the banks after … Continue reading

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RomBama for President!

The Presidential sweepstakes hold the headlines while the world economy grinds slowly toward a halt everywhere but Mexico, presently living in a different universe swamped in drug money (from the U.S). Western civilization owes more than it can repay and … Continue reading

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