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A frw simple questions occurred to us this morning, between awakening and arising: Whatever happened to the AIDS epidemic? Whatever happened to the Ebola threat? Whatever happened to the Russian invasion in Urraine? Whatever happened to al Qaeda (that toppled … Continue reading

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A Few Random Questions … (For those ready for reality)

We’ve listed a few random questions that occurred to us in idle moments today. We invite your thoughts, if any come to you … Whatever happened to Ebola? (We were all about to die and no cure has been announced … Continue reading

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From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?

We don’t know how it is with you. With us, if we rely upon TV and newspapers for information, the only significant events in the world right now, concern Ebola and ISIS. And even if you resort to the Internet, … Continue reading

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Too Much Ebola Raises Questions …

Broadcast and cable TV are as usual, marching in lockstep: Devoting endless hours of billion dollar air time to a single subject: Ebola. Why? Yes, it’s a nasty, contagious disease by all accounts. So are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chagas … Continue reading

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Ebola, ISIS … Anyone Heard What’s Going On In Ukraine?

We have been considering the current duomania of our so-called “Journalists” whose gaze seems affixed to ISIS and Ebola to the near exclusion of all else. As so much else exists, we wish to understand why it isn’t receiving much … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Ebola For Those Tired Of Hysteria …

Dedicated as it seems to manipulating rather than informing us, our media has soaked us in ISIS and Ebola as though no other significant news exists, and continues to do so. So we will share some thoughts on Ebola; feel … Continue reading

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We Created Our Migrants: People, Bacteria, Bad Habits … (Why Are We Surprised?)

Ebola   looms in current headlines, Enterovirus 68 is reported in smaller print paralyzing kids and among the various evils attributed to Central American migrants are various, some quite nasty, diseases. We are going to die, our kids will be paralyzed and … Continue reading

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Ebola, The Media And A Decen Night’s Sleep …

EBOLA  is this week’s news crisis now that Israel has largely exited Gaza, the Ukrainian military hasn’t yet charged into Donetsk  and the U.S. stock market remains high. Somebody has to feed the insatiable news machine; a virus will do. … Continue reading

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