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Western Civilization And Its Mandate Of Heaven …

In China, the Communist Party government retained the Mandate of Heaven; it dropped failed Communist economics and retained power while Russia’s Soviet government collapsed. Chinese governments have long concerned themselves with keeping the people’s confidence. They avoid going down with … Continue reading

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Does Ukraine Have A Chance? Only Putin Knows For Sure …

A bit over a thousand years ago, the Vikings had taken control of northeastern Europe as well as raiding and settling in what is now Great Britain and France. One of them was the ruler of Kievan Rus, known now … Continue reading

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Update On the Coming Collapse (Cyprus Banks Still Shut)

We last considered Cyprus as its government proposed to bail out its failing banks by grabbing 10 percent of the money depositors had entrusted to those banks. Its parliament refused to do that (mobs in the streets, etc.) so the … Continue reading

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As Figure Skating Goes…So Goes the World!

Figure skating is beautiful, sometimes. And exciting, sometimes. It’s extremely difficult, always and much less available to see than it was a short while ago. It’s managed by elected politicians who have a much more difficult time finding scapegoats for … Continue reading

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