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“The Land of the Free…” (Or Is It?)

Living in a place sung of as: “the land of the free” must have meant more back when the lyrics were written; today, they seem a bit ironic. Consider three stories from today’s news and then consider the meaning of … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Expensive Football/Frisby Now at Los Angeles Beaches…

Your home in the city is your property to do with what you will, right? Yup, provided you don’t want to fire a gun, park too many cars or park in the wrong place, let it go to weeds, install energy-unapproved appliances or insulation, … Continue reading

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Free Americans: 1776 – 2011, Requiescant In Pace

Freedom from Great Britain followed the Revolution; the Founders built freedom from government into the American Constitution immediately thereafter. Two hundred thirty five years later, the United States Congress has ended the experiment. First, with the destined to be infamous … Continue reading

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Another Fed Raid on the Internet…

The perennial Federal grabbing for control of the Internet goes on under either party and never stops. The net is simply too empowering for politicians to tolerate its independence if they can help it. It Can Happen Here: Feds Shut … Continue reading

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