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Your Choice: Inflation/Deflation: Pick One! (Our Leaders Already Have?)

Our leaders approve of chronic inflation as a benefit, which is why our father bought his new Chevrolet for $750 in 1937 and you can’t do likewise today. There are other reasons as well of course, but that’s the primary … Continue reading

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More Inflation Coming, No Matter What You Hear From ANYBODY!

We know by now our politicians won’t stop buying votes with borrowed money we can’t repay and we’re ignoring the reality that fact is about to hand us, hoping that, like the fabled Chinese dragon, maybe reality will go away instead … Continue reading

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A Prophet Speaks of What He Doesn’t Know…

What’s going to happen this new year 2012? Damfino. But some things seem more likely than others, right? So let’s ruminate a bit on some of those of current interest. You can return in 2013 and laugh about the misses … Continue reading

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