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What U.S. Deficits and Debt Mean To You, Unspun

Politicians, even Mr. Trump, avoid honest economics like a bomb-laden jihadi avoids the airport x-ray machine. For very similar reasons. But the rest of us must live in economic reality, unlike the politicos. Thus, politicians in Washington can accept budgets … Continue reading

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When “Buy Now, Pay Later” is Government Policy …

The “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) is costing its ‘beneficiaries’ more each year without escaping annual deficits that must be made up by borrowing. Borrowing is used so that present taxpayers will not notice the costs being heaped upon them; repayment … Continue reading

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Truth Arrives on Monday (But It Won’t Make Anybody Free ..)

The truth we are told, shall make us free. Except when it shows how much our politicians have indebted us. The share of national debt owed by U.S. taxpayers passessed $150,000 some time back but we assume someone else will … Continue reading

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Social Security Was A Politician’s Promise … And Remains So

The emptiness of the Social Security promise seems to have dawned upon a lot of people now, younger ones mostly. Nevertheless, we see Internet indignation regularly bewailing the uncertainty of coming pensions. That uncertainty is received with indignation; how dare … Continue reading

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America’s Financial Roulette Spins On…

Two new clouds have appeared on our darkening U.S. economic horizon. As we’ve been pointing out, we expect a financial storm, we simply don’t know when the first rain will fall. But the sky is dark and the wind is … Continue reading

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Washington, D.C. and the Media’s Hidden Ball Trick Made Clear…

Foreigners and probably, most American women don’t understand American football. And that’s a fair simile for the political football going on in our capital between Congress and the White House, which many don’t understand either. It’s not that it’s so … Continue reading

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