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Americans: The Parents Who Die, Leaving The Kids Their Debts …

In America, we like to name the generations. It probably helps in the design of sales pitches. It is notable that a large generation of folks called “Baby Boomers” are now retiring, an increasing load on the Social Security tax … Continue reading

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A ‘Roadrunner Moment’ At The Federal Reserve (And In Your Pocket…)?

“Helicopter’ Ben Bernanke, the retiring Fed Chairman, regretted in his las speech that the government had not spent more in its response to financial collapse since 2008. ‘Helicopter” Ben was awarded his nickname after a speech wherein he equated the … Continue reading

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The U.S. government (and others) is well, not facing but presented with some unappetizing (for a politician) choices. You can see here how much money the government owes and just how many of us are available to pay it. We … Continue reading

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