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Who Killed the American Economy? (A Whodunnit By David Stockman)

Anyone wishing to understand the decline of the American economy straight out, sans spin, calling a spade a Greenspan with no prisoners taken, no excuses and no gobble-de-gook will be rewarded by David Stockman’s “The Great Deformation.” Stockman was President … Continue reading

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Meeting Murphy’s Enforcer: Reality

U.S. government and America’s Big (and now international) Business have been selling out the American middle class–with its enthusiastic support–for over 50 years. And the greedy suckers deserve it, though their children, who will suffer the most, do not. A … Continue reading

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Louisiana: Can’t Monkey with Casket Costs, Capisce?

The Progressives formalized crony capitalism early in their reign with the Sherman Antitrust Act, originally intended to protect us from corporate greed, or at least promoted that way. Progressives have always seemed worried about corporate greed but have seldom appeared to notice … Continue reading

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