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Which Party Has Compassion Now???

The political Left is the party that cares, right? Compassionate, unlike that other, cold hearted bunch. Yeah … Those Lefties have worried about the elderly, fighting for security for them via both Social Security pensions and Medicare. Seniors should be … Continue reading

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Why The Left Loves Government… A Comedy In One Act

Government compassion is a big selling point for the Leftfolk. The Right, not so much. The snake-oil salesmen pushing this pitch of course, want something. Who are you going to believe, your favorite politician or your lying eyes? An 81-year-old … Continue reading

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Compassion In New Mexico

Democrats in government are very compassionate; we know this because they tell us in their campaigns. Government compassion is a constant political theme. New Mexico, a good-sized Democratic state with a tiny population, is no exception, though it has presently … Continue reading

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