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If Government Wanted Improved Education, Would Education Still Suck?

American public schools have for decades turned out more and more kids who have known less and less but they are nevertheless, very educational. For those who wish to learn, anyway. Pre Progressivism, (John Dewey et al) such schools were … Continue reading

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Sweet Briar College, Liberal Education And Cultural Morbidity

Sweet Briar College is near Lynchburg, Virginia. It has been educating women in the liberal arts for a hundred and fourteen years. Though a small school, its endowment is a healthy $94 million. And it has announced that it is closing. … Continue reading

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Your Kids, Your Money But Government’s Decisions From Now On … (Common Core Education)

The Obamafolk set off alarms in all directions taking over U.S. healthcare with Obamacare; why is there such silence with their takeover of American education via Common Core? But even Republican governors (with a few exceptions) have signed on. Common … Continue reading

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Whom Are The Owners Of Children’s Minds?

Consider for a moment, the impending impact of the Internet upon public education. Obviously, some hundred thirty thousand school plants and staffs are now unnecessary to educate kids. Their secondary function, warehousing said kids while their parents are at work, … Continue reading

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