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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK …(Politically Uncorrected)

Your bits and pieces of reality accumulated from the week: Florida middle schoolers  red peppered their teacher’s soda. (Will it be arsenic by high school?) President Obama is dumping President Reagan’s restrictions on government snooping. (It’s different now, isn’t it?) … Continue reading

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When Did We Imprison Our Kids? And Why?

Recollections of a kid growing up in America: We were safe from all but ourselves. Moms worried about pedophiles and trained us appropriately, but we were regularly told: “Go play outside!” Which we did, on our own unsupervised, all day. … Continue reading

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Should Kentucky Gag An Advice Columnist?

John Rosemond has been writing advice for parents since 1976; he appears in some 200 newspapers around the U.S. He’s a licensed psychologist whose question-and-answer format resembles Dear Abby and others in the advice field such as Dr. Oz or … Continue reading

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Gleanings From the Current Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

A live baby made news, not only Dr. Gosnell’s dead ones. Baby will explain. We’ve been hearing recently that kids belong to everyone, not just to parents, right? Evidently that’s now enforceable, at least in some places with the local cops … Continue reading

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Intrepid Cops Capture 6 Year Old Emily, Arrest Her For Being a Kid

Were you, as so many of today’s kids, imprisoned through your childhood? From about first grade, I walked to the corner ‘convenience store’ that we used to call the grocery. I walked about a mile to school in my part … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa Smile and the U.S. President

The movie ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ was set in the 1950’s where it made perfect sense for the principal of a school to fire a school nurse who was sneaking birth control pills to students. The 1960’s hadn’t happened yet. Viewers … Continue reading

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