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When ‘Fascism’ Has a Small f…

There’s a historical model wherein the government controls the economy by telling the corporate producers what to do; the Italians called their version, Fascism. Today, the Obamafolk take over banks, insurers, automakers and others and they also tell folk such … Continue reading

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In the White Corner: Benedict XVI, versus, In the Purple Trunks, (Political) Heavyweight: Obama…

The Federal government vs the Roman Catholic Church is the latest Obama change; an action specifically forbidden by the Constitution and one no prior administration has ever undertaken. Catholics have long been a stalwart pillar of the Democrats’ coalition; the … Continue reading

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Does the Pope Work for the Drug Cartels???

Somehow, there are people who can’t see our President’s forcing the Catholic Church to supply birth control to its workers as an attack on the Church. The same folk likely see forcing Israel back to its 1967 borders as supportive, too. But … Continue reading

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