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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

A new week’s worth: War against the internet: Demonstrators demand government regulation (Report) The culture: After 100 years, the largest Catholic church in North America is complete (Report) More culture: More Americans turning to witchcraft; traditional religions decline (Report) Immigration/Government: … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

This week’s assortment: The Catholic crevasse deepens? (Article) (In order to save his church, will Pope Francis destroy it?) Your pre-flight frisk will require removal of food/reading material from carry-on bags to foster individual inspection? (Report) They promise not to … Continue reading

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Nobody Expected A Jesuit Pope … (A Very Scary Symbol)

The Latin American Cardinal who put on Franciscan simplicity over robes of Jesuit black seems a symbol of both an intent for Catholic renewal and of Catholic desperation. The Church is doing well in South America, but so is Protestantism. … Continue reading

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Does The Roman Catholic And Apostolic Church Still Exist In America?

The Roman Catholic Church faces a batch of problems; Pope Francis must feel like a spinning compass, hardly knowing which direction to head next. The Second Vatican Council was supposed to have resolved the Church’s quandary; it only exacerbated it. … Continue reading

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President Obama, Sherlock Holmes, a Dog and Irish Catholics (And U.S. Media)

Sherlock Holmes is no longer a world-renowned name, nor is his detective novel genre the mass market it was but there are still those who know what the dog did in the night-time. As Dr. Watson responded to Holmes’ question: … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and the Moslems…

  Pope Francis, as this link will explain, has just led the canonization of ‘hundreds’ of Saints–new Saints–of the Roman Catholic Church. So what, if you’re not Catholic? Especially if you’re not religious at all. That ‘what’ adds up to … Continue reading

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Pope’s Minions Fire Apparently Upright Teacher Accused of Lesbian Preferences…

The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t been persecuted or had to fight on a substantial scale for a very long time in the Christian west. Perhaps that’s a reason for its appearing a bit rusty at such combat.  Its new Pope … Continue reading

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When ‘Fascism’ Has a Small f…

There’s a historical model wherein the government controls the economy by telling the corporate producers what to do; the Italians called their version, Fascism. Today, the Obamafolk take over banks, insurers, automakers and others and they also tell folk such … Continue reading

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In the White Corner: Benedict XVI, versus, In the Purple Trunks, (Political) Heavyweight: Obama…

The Federal government vs the Roman Catholic Church is the latest Obama change; an action specifically forbidden by the Constitution and one no prior administration has ever undertaken. Catholics have long been a stalwart pillar of the Democrats’ coalition; the … Continue reading

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Does the Pope Work for the Drug Cartels???

Somehow, there are people who can’t see our President’s forcing the Catholic Church to supply birth control to its workers as an attack on the Church. The same folk likely see forcing Israel back to its 1967 borders as supportive, too. But … Continue reading

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