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The Establishment or The Voters: Who Decides?

To us, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seem two sides of the same coin. Both are using their respective parties as convenient transportation in a desired direction and neither has paid his fare for the ride. Sanders has been tolerated … Continue reading

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Watching Republicans Squirm …

If one overlooks, as the politicians do, the real lives affected, it is sort of fun to watch politicians giving a decent imitation of cockroaches evading the light. Just now, it is the GOP in that position; the Democrats have … Continue reading

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Will GOP Government Save Us After Democrats Failed? (And Other Delusions …)

We note, following Tuesday’s midterm Congressional election, a few things. We find significance in them, in various ways. You may if you disagree, say so here without upsetting us; it is after all, a matter of opinion and yours is … Continue reading

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Is Tuesday’s Election A Deliberately Poisoned Chalice?

America’s Democrats seem the source of changes; its Republicans appear to provide a calming time out when the changes overly disturb the political waters. Or, in another analogy, a bad cop , good cop interrogation system. Thus, the United States … Continue reading

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Presidential Terms: Begun By Heroes; Finished By Villains …

We’re informed now that: “Life Under Obama Sucks.” We hear: “Dems Run From Reid “ We’re told that a Union blasted the White House amnesty/immigration plan. And that foreign born employees are now some 25 million in the U.S. What does this … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Here again; a weeks’ worth of what our species has been doing …(Missing links, though) An LA water main ruptured, flooding UCLA. This was accorded a Red Flag for the city, which has been more concerned for pensions and healthcare … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: The People’s Choice!

President (If you disagree with me, you’re a racist!) Obama isn’t what’s wrong with this country. Neither was (It’s Bush’s fault) George Bush. We elected them, right? Twice! The President is currently abused for his handling of the Ukraine situation. … Continue reading

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