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Mona Lisa Smile and the U.S. President

The movie ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ was set in the 1950’s where it made perfect sense for the principal of a school to fire a school nurse who was sneaking birth control pills to students. The 1960’s hadn’t happened yet. Viewers … Continue reading

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In the White Corner: Benedict XVI, versus, In the Purple Trunks, (Political) Heavyweight: Obama…

The Federal government vs the Roman Catholic Church is the latest Obama change; an action specifically forbidden by the Constitution and one no prior administration has ever undertaken. Catholics have long been a stalwart pillar of the Democrats’ coalition; the … Continue reading

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Killing Newborns OK Per Medical Ethics Experts (A Newborn ‘Isn’t a Person’)

What think you of professionals in medical ethics who say killing a newborn (infanticide) should be regarded the same as abortion? The professional publication advocating the idea is reported Here and here. These authors favor killing unwanted babies as: “Post-birth abortions.” I … Continue reading

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