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Are Donald Trump and Bill Cosby a Fair Comparison?

Let’s list similarities ad differences: 1. Trump is white, Cosby is back. (Seems a big deal politically, these days.) 2. Trump is a populist; Cosby, a conservative. 3. Both avoided serious scandal until a 30 years later rape allegation hit … Continue reading

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Black, White or Brown; We All Have To Pay For Our Free Lunch …

We were (pick yours) greasers, micks, wops, kikes, krauts, limeys, chinks, japs, hunkys, ¬†spics and niggers; now we may be any of those but the last. Otherwise well-mannered girls commonly use language that would have once caused a sailor to … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, Lovable Serial Rapist Of 30 Years Ago?

Everyone’s uncle Bill Cosby, paterfamilias extraordinaire a rapist? Certainly not! And the accusation is 30 years old and without any supporting evidence, at least to date. But then another materialized from that long darkness, and another and more. Now, we … Continue reading

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