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Electing Historical Presidents …

George Washington was inescapably historical as our first president. Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War. Now, the qualifications seem to have shifted a bit. Political History 2012: The first black president of the United States, an unfrocked lawyer whose birth … Continue reading

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Presidential Terms: Begun By Heroes; Finished By Villains …

We’re informed now that: “Life Under Obama Sucks.” We hear: “Dems Run From Reid “ We’re told that a Union blasted the White House amnesty/immigration plan. And that foreign born employees are now some 25 million in the U.S. What does this … Continue reading

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Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

In a recent consideration of President Obama’s leadership, we noted his unique presidential style and more specifically, how he has changed the public face of the American Presidency. He has made what seem to us, drastic and dramatic alterations in … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama Proves That George Washington Was Right

Many American Presidents have proven to be mountebanks, popinjays and spectacular exemplars of the Peter Principle; few have demonstrated all of those at once and of those few, Barack Hussein Obama is one and a leader among the few. Complaining … Continue reading

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Whispering Sweet Nothings During the Last Dance

We’ve seen the presidential (or at least, trying to appear presidential) candidates’ last dance. Video and transcript are here for your pleasure should you wish. And if you consider  that a pleasure… And of course, should you doubt my assessment. … Continue reading

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