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Sleep On Your Financial Security Decisions?

We read that Greek banks are likely to remain closed for a month. That is said to be a result of so many Greeks, worried about bank solvency, withdrawing so much money so fast. Bank runs as these phenomena are … Continue reading

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Maybe Janet Yellen Knows…

Just as Janet Yelling is taking over the Fed from ‘Helicopter’ Ben Benanke, something is happening. Last October, Chase Bank put a limit on cash withdrawals and international transfers. Banks generally do that to fend off a possible run on … Continue reading

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Today’s Reality In Three Acts…

Three news reports seem to delineate today to perfection: The Swiss gather in their city centers and vote on current policy all during every year. A Swiss may propose a law; if 100,000 others buy in, that will be voted … Continue reading

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The Ice Man Cometh, But It Isn’t Ice Cream That He Delivereth… (Who Has Eyes To See, Let Him See…)

Some may remember hearing that Cyprus ‘saved’ its banks by confiscating chunks of the deposits people had entrusted to them. That was last Spring and it caused a lot of Eurofolk aware of their own governments’ and banks’ Potemkin finance … Continue reading

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Will “The Rape of Cyprus” Be Playing Soon In Your Neighborhood?

When future history notes that financial collapse marked the early years of both the 20th and 21st centuries, the “Rape of Cyprus” may serve to model what followed 2013; at least some highly qualified observers have predicted it. Cyprus reports the latest … Continue reading

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How Many Soldiers Must You See To Decide There Must Be a War?

We’ve been writing recently of the inexorable steps toward financial collapse as they have occurred. First was the Argentine government freezing supermarket prices in response to inflation coupled with Venezuela’s 46% currency devaluation. (World oil market). Our next milestone toward … Continue reading

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Government Dependents Are A Dream For The Democrats, Right?

We’ve heard regularly that approaching half of U.S. citizens receive some sort of government dole these days, completing our conversion from a self-reliant to a dependent society. And this naturally favors Democratic politicians. So far, anyway. But dependency is a … Continue reading

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Heard Any ‘Cash Under the Mattress’ Jokes Lately?

Everyone under say, 80 laughs about the old folks who kept cash under the mattress. A sign of senility, right? You get a different slant though, from those 80 and older who A: arent senile, and B: Remember the Great … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam and His Citizens Are Broke; Why Are They Bailing Out Europe’s Banks?

As Federal debt (to be repaid by taxpayers) continues to rise, the Federal Reserve has entered into a new program to bail out Europe’s ramshackle banks on top of Americans’ financial zombies. A past Fed Vice President tells all in: … Continue reading

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