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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our current collection: An airport that provides stress therapy for passengers? (Report) (Might do better by pushing airlines to improve service.) The media: Busted, again. (Report) The culture: A Louisiana high school quarterback was killed in a shooting at a … Continue reading

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Today’s Oscars: Hollywood, Entertainment and Other Illusions …

As this is written, Hollywood’s annual masturbation, the ‘Academy Awards’ is wafting in from another room. From news reports, it has evolved from 1950’s “fun” into per a headline today, the “Dullest Show on Earth.” We don’t profess to know … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

For Protecting the Poor Sport of Figure Skating From Financial Collapse and Further Annoyance of Its Remaining Audience It is a melancholy object for those who attend to the affairs of patinage artistique or as it is named in English, … Continue reading

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Why On Earth Are There Figure Skaters?

Icd… Ice is cold, wet, slippery and concrete to fall upon. Skates are narrow, providing the maximum opportunity to fall over to either side. Figure skates, designed for masochists by a sadist, follow the circumference of a wheel, adding opportunity … Continue reading

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How Figure Skating Lost Its Way…

Figure skating was a gentleman’s pastime of drawing diagrams on the ice with skates when American ballet dancer Jackson Haines started performing his art on skates. His creation was called: “free skating” and added to the sport so as competition … Continue reading

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What is art? Asking that is among the easier ways for starting an argument. Asking the Oxford Dictionaries gets you: 1the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, … Continue reading

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2013 World Figure Skating Championships (That You Didn’t Hear About)

Did you know that the World Figure Skating Championships just finished, in Canada? Maybe not, since American TV mostly ignored the event. So did the sports sections of newspapers. For much of the media, the sport is now nonexistent. That’s … Continue reading

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Figure Skating’s Road To Nowhere

From the 1890’s pastime for gentlemen only to today’s trap for the parents of little girls, figure skating has now occupied some 120 years of sport, art, money and even some scandal on the way to its present dead end. … Continue reading

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The Late, Not Great But Beautiful, Sport of Figure Skating

Such events as the collapse of Western economies have rightly eclipsed the fading of a once popular and beautiful thing: the artistic sport of figure skating as it fades from  popular attention. But the fading wasn’t caused by the economic … Continue reading

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Why Does Figure Skating Hate Its Audience?

For generations, the sport insisted on using intricate tracings on a 10 X 30 foot bit of ice for 60% of competitor’s marks, relegating free skating performances to only 40%. Skaters like Janet Lynn drew audiences but never judges’ marks … Continue reading

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