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It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Deport All The Illegals! (Oh?)

Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly tonight said: “It’s impossible to round up and deport all the illegal aliens..” or words to that effect. He is actually saying that the estimated 13 million that we have allowed to accumulate is too many … Continue reading

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The Gang of Eight’s Economic Burglars’ Accommodation Proposal?

The ‘Gang of Eight’ bi-partisan Senators working on immigration ‘reform’ appear to be trying to put lipstick onto an amnesty bill, thus creating plausible deniability. Then they provide sneaky exceptions to provide the actuality they are denying. The conservative goal, … Continue reading

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A Simple, Little Question…

Nothing complicated, just a short, simple question: Our wise leaders from both parties have cobbled up a solution to the (estimated) 12 million or so illegal aliens that live and work here but send their money south. The ‘solution’ evidently … Continue reading

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