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Foreign Relations and: “Why Can’t You Children Just Get Along?”

We are reading “The Milagro Beanfield War,” a very entertaining recount of the impact of modern development upon Spanish-speaking subsistence farmers in New Mexico. We recommend it highly. It is hilarious, full of action and illustrative of the borderline between … Continue reading

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Humanity Plus Reality Equals: Economics On Planet Earth!

The graph above presents an explanation of much that is going on in today’s world, with useful hints for the future if you factor in human nature. Most significant it seems to us, are the ratios displayed. Our world has … Continue reading

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Sound The Alarm! The Swiss Are Controlling Their Border! (Who Do They Think It BelongsTo, Anyway?)

  Norway, we are told, may follow the Swiss on immigration. As the Swiss have just voted (narrowly) for immigration quotas, we are told disapprovingly. The E.U. neighbors of the Swiss are huddling over what to do about this, as … Continue reading

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