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Our Goose And The Treasury’s Books: Both Cooked?

The President and his Democrats struck a mighty blow against the sick, underemployed American economy with their Unaffordable Care Act. ¬†Obamacare is sucking gobs of money from Americans who are already short of it, the economic equivalent of bleeding an … Continue reading

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Don’t Sweat the Debt; Money Grows on Taxpayers! (Doesn’t it?)

President Franklin Roosevelt’s advisor Harry Hopkins is credited with saying: “We will tax and tax and spend and spend and elect and elect.” He later denied it. Still, it fairly describes the then and subsequent campaigns and governance by Democrats. … Continue reading

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Obamacare Isn’t Healthcare (Part Two)

In the prior post (Part One), we noticed that the same doctors and hospitals caring for you now will do so under Obamacare, so the new law is not healthcare. It is instead, about who receives the care and who … Continue reading

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Obamacare Isn’t Healthcare…

Obamacare isn’t healthcare. Doctors and nurses and technicians and such provide healthcare, and they will continue, just not so much for each of us. Obamacare is a change in how much we pay for healthcare, in who gets how much … Continue reading

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Our Mysteriously Disappearing Healthcare…(or, Why You Can’t Get an Appointment ’til February)

A big local healthcare¬†fight headlined our city’s newspaper this morning; it made an interesting point. Seems a local HMO group with a hospital, a group medical practice and a captive insurer spun off the doctors’ group, then contracted with it … Continue reading

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