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“POLITICIAN”: One Who Is Glad To Give Your Life For His Country

As this is written, the sounds of the TV broadcast from the Academy ¬†Awards drifts in from an adjoining room. As all know who care and many more who don’t, the politicized black movement is unhappy with its share of … Continue reading

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Oscar’s Journey: From Art To Prostitution

In honesty we must report t that we were no worshipers of thespians even back when they spoke educated English. We relied upon them to provide entertainment, not thought. Some playwrights provided though, not actors. And few enough playwrights. But … Continue reading

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Today’s Oscars: Hollywood, Entertainment and Other Illusions …

As this is written, Hollywood’s annual masturbation, the ‘Academy Awards’ is wafting in from another room. From news reports, it has evolved from 1950’s “fun” into per a headline today, the “Dullest Show on Earth.” We don’t profess to know … Continue reading

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