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The President Knows His Own: Jews and Catholics Voted for Him

Time passes; things change. Americas’ churches have enjoyed Constitutional protection since the Founding while American moral standards have followed those churches and so largely has the government. But that’s all changing. Technology is proving hard on long-held beliefs; the invention … Continue reading

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Where Are the “Can Do!” Americans, Now That We Need Them?

The East Coast’s hurricane left vignettes demanding consideration, seems to me. The first is this image: Staten Island, a section of New York flooded, shocked and apparently immobilized. The next is:¬†Gasoline, an unpretty picture of our dependence upon fuel. That’s … Continue reading

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The U.S. Election is a Sideshow Preceding the Main Event

The 2012 American presidential election is, even more than most in the country, a charade, existing mostly to anesthetize the citizens so as to perpetuate their rulers in power. On the one hand, we have the Democrat whose signature ObamaCare, … Continue reading

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Hey! Nutjobs Shooting Folks Wasn’t in the Script!

Every so often, some nutjob shoots a bunch of people. It occurs everywhere and is inevitably followed by cries for confiscation of guns. Random Murders at Batman Premiere is the latest. Noting the enormously larger numbers offed by drivers, one … Continue reading

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Christians, Moslems, Atheists and Modernity…

As the governments fall to financial failure, what societies might hold together under the strain? In the post-Christian West, only Christianity has glued societies in the past–and riven them as well–but what power has it now, a faint shadow of … Continue reading

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The Menacing Moslems…

  Moslem conquerors swept over north Africa, Asia and Europe offering a simple choice: convert, or die. Not too different from their Christian predecessors… Today, their successors comprise about a quarter of the world population, extending everywhere there are people,¬†multiplying … Continue reading

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