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Why Bush, Obama and Big Sis Haven’t saved Us…

Have you noticed that our governors were bragging about how they’ve saved us from terror  since 9/11 with their TSA feeler-uppers at airports and Big Sis’s Homeland Security in general, right up to the Boston Bombing? Why didn’t they save … Continue reading

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Boston Mystery Deepens As Maimed And Dead List Lengthens

What’s the truth of the Boston Marathon bombing? I dunno. Nor do I expect to; our governors seem to deem it more than we can handle or perhaps, more than they want us to know. And most curiously, no terrorists … Continue reading

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‘Follow the Money’ Might Clarify Boston (If Someone Were to Do That)

It’s ‘Cherchez la femme’ in France but ‘Follow the Money’ in America when you wish to understand an event with political ramifications. The Boston Marathon bombing apparently has more politics than dead and maimed, perfectly innocent people. And the more … Continue reading

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Terror, Islam and Government By Ostriches

You may have forgotten Major Nidal Hasan in the flow of news since November, 2009 when he murdered 13 people at Ft. Hood in Texas, screaming “Allahu akbar!” as he killed. He has lived quietly at taxpayer expense ever since. As … Continue reading

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Government ADMITS TSA Scanners Worthless?

With government, the truth comes out only now and then and usually, by mistake. When it happens, it’s more often a scandal than deserving applause but just sometines, it’s wonderful. The Government Admits That TSA Body Scanners Are A Big … Continue reading

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U.S. War Chief Panetta Wants To Shoot U.S. Soldiers?

Shooting one soldier to encourage the rest used to be called the ‘British Army Method’ though it was old when the Romans used it. Apparently Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is considering an updated version for U.S. use: Leon Panetta … Continue reading

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The Menacing Moslems…

  Moslem conquerors swept over north Africa, Asia and Europe offering a simple choice: convert, or die. Not too different from their Christian predecessors… Today, their successors comprise about a quarter of the world population, extending everywhere there are people, multiplying … Continue reading

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