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What to Expect from 2013 (Or Not…)

Hell, I don’t know what tomfoolery those Washington, D.C. scrofulous minions of corruption we call Congressfolk  when we’re being polite will pull off in 2013 any more than do the big-shot pundits of our equally corrupt media. But I can … Continue reading

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Obama Victorious, the Human Condition and Shakespeare

The election over, “The tumult and the shouting die; the captains and the kings depart…” and mundane taxpayers are left to clean up the erstwhile battlefield. Unfortunately, with whatever remains of their money rather than soap and water. Now once … Continue reading

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November 6th, 2012: A Historical Milestone?

Some Americans are looking fondly at their rumps and saying: “Goodbye!” while others are celebrating Tuesday’s underwhelming Obamafest. Libs are gleefully informing Republicans that they’re done unless they reform by becoming Democrats Lite. Teafolk claim from home, where they stayed … Continue reading

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GOP Mugwump Can’t Fly

A mugwump sits on the fence with his mug facing one way, and his wump, the other. Romney was going to win, right? No Prez was ever reelected with unemployment like ours. Until now, when we experienced this on Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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Do the Republicans in Washington Represent Their Voters Anymore?

Would you say political parties exist to push into power candidates desired and slelected by the members? Let’s consider the GOP: First, the party has to fend off opposition claims that it’s anti-black. But it belittled and attacked (with lots of … Continue reading

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The President’s Reelection?

The question was: “With unemployment, high priced gas, Iraq and Afghanistan winding down without much to show, a slowly declining living standard and record deficits without visible end, how will President Obama be reelected?” The answer or at least, the intended … Continue reading

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