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Would the Government Lie to Us? (You Decide)

What should we think of the goings-on following the Boston Marathon bombing? First, lets take a brief retrospective: The Benghazi murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya has disappeared from the news and so has the Congressional ‘investigation’ that was … Continue reading

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Is Christopher Dorner Safer Than You Are?

The police searching for ex LA Cop Christopher Dorner haven’t bothered Mr. Dorner but seem to be doing as much or more damage looking for him as he has so far managed. First, in the small hours in suburbia, two ladies … Continue reading

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What can be done when the villain stealing your money and reducing your wages while also driving your living costs higher is your government? Not much, but there are a few things, assuming you can’t replace your government. First to … Continue reading

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How To Protect Kids At School, Reduce Obesity And Save Money

I remember walking to my my public grammar school; it was maybe a mile or so, on paved, level sidewalks. Well, except where I used to cut through a large vacant lot. And I wore shoes and where my family … Continue reading

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Exposing the Irresponsible, Anti-Gun Con Game

Wake up! Your life  and your kids’ lives are at risk! Pretending to protect you, your Liberal leaders are aimed at taking our guns, leaving us all at the mercy of madmen wielding knives! Knives are much more dangerous than … Continue reading

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Pets, Kids, Seatbelts and the State of New Jersey

Buckle Up Your Dog or Cat or Face Fines explains New Jersey’s latest Nannyism-at-gunpoint. The state somehow seems so far to have overlooked issuing orders for transported birds, fish and snakes. This is done in the name of safety naturally, though … Continue reading

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