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Hamas: Using Other Peoples’ Money and Lives To Kill Jews…

As Christianity and Judaism come under direct attack by American government via mandates on abortion, birth control, gay marriage and presently circumcision, the Jewish nation of Israel is coming under attack from its erstwhile (guilt-driven) supporters in both Europe and … Continue reading

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Whispering Sweet Nothings During the Last Dance

We’ve seen the presidential (or at least, trying to appear presidential) candidates’ last dance. Video and transcript are here for your pleasure should you wish. And if you consider ┬áthat a pleasure… And of course, should you doubt my assessment. … Continue reading

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The Peculiar, Unwritten Rules of the International Nuclear Bomb Game

All governments have secrets, mostly nefarious and usually secret to protect politicians from their own misdeeds. Or rather, to prevent citizens’ finding out about those misdeeds (in my opinion). The entire subject of nuclear weapons seems even more secret than … Continue reading

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Good Our Prez Is So Smart, ‘Cause I Don’t Get It!

Coupla things I’m not smart enough to get, right now. We won our war saving Iraq, Saddam is dead and we’ve only residual troops there as we finish pulling out, right? And the current Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki (if I … Continue reading

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When Rulers Pine for ‘Nice Little Wars’…

There are times when rulers really get a bang out of a nice little war. A need to distract voters from other forms of unpleasantness that may be blamed on the ruler is an outstanding example throughout history. And today, … Continue reading

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Black Market Barbie in Iran?

The powerful Ayatollahs ruling Iran threaten the U.S. Navy, Europe and Israel but those powers seem to shrug off the threats. Maybe they need to reconsider in the light of what’s happening in Iran┬áto another major power: the world-wide financial … Continue reading

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