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Some Thoughts On Immigration, Legal And Illegal (But You Liley Won’t Like Them …)

Immigration occurs, it seems to us, for either of two reasons. Either the destination is a magnet or the source is repulsive. Or of course, both. The world is presently seeing a lot of the second sort; masses of people … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Ebola For Those Tired Of Hysteria …

Dedicated as it seems to manipulating rather than informing us, our media has soaked us in ISIS and Ebola as though no other significant news exists, and continues to do so. So we will share some thoughts on Ebola; feel … Continue reading

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Sound The Alarm! The Swiss Are Controlling Their Border! (Who Do They Think It BelongsTo, Anyway?)

  Norway, we are told, may follow the Swiss on immigration. As the Swiss have just voted (narrowly) for immigration quotas, we are told disapprovingly. The E.U. neighbors of the Swiss are huddling over what to do about this, as … Continue reading

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Political Compassion…

President Obama’s compassion goes out to those 40 million Americans who survive with food stamps (now called: SNAP) and the millions out of work somehow during this ‘recovery’ and especially, to those whose unemployment benefits have run out or who … Continue reading

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Debating Immigration (While Not Forgetting Obamacare)

One of the screen plays hoping to distract from Obamacare will be the upcoming and much ballyhooed ‘immigration reform,’ a joint program of Democrats (votes) and Republicans (cheap labor). This has opposition on both sides, from unions unhappy with non-member … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

For those prepared to think, this week’s scene seems pretty heavy. As always, you decide for yourself; you’ll know what I think. Now you see it… now you don’t. California provided a small business tax break about six years ago; … Continue reading

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Clay Feet, Swedes, Brits and Moslems Who Somehow, Aren’t Nice…

Sweden stands as the ideal of socialist Europe; the happy, perfectly executed ideal of the European Left. It gives the lie to Right complaints of human nature and reality and really, cannot be answered. So why has Stockholm been burning … Continue reading

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