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Pro Sports: An American Illusion (With A Posionous Core)

The Roman emperors provided bread and circuses to anesthetize the populace; our rulers provide food stamps and professional sports. This has been a smooth transition until today’s political Left has tripped over its own contradictions. (As political movements are wont … Continue reading

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Drudge: “The Peace Award President Declares War”

President Obama swore to extirpate ISIL last night; the ‘news’ reports little else. News now means the Administrations’ loyal propagandists but for Fox News, sworn to the loyal opposition. Nothing worthy of notice is going on in Ukraine, Africa, Asia, … Continue reading

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Political Promises Never Lose Their Purchasing Power (Unlike Money …)

The “Progressive’ Left promises to solve all your problems if you will give them control of government. President Ronald Reagan is quoted to the effect that the government is not the solution; it is the problem. So do you vote … Continue reading

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The Real Problem With Ferguson Isn’t Being Aired

Michael Brown’s death isn’t a problem. It is a loss, especially for his family. It is merely one of some 400 annual police shooting case we expect every year. It will be reviewed to determine the propriety of the shooting. … Continue reading

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Political Theater And The Crisis Du Jour, Substituting For News …

American and European voters (unless they’re Swiss) are being herded through elections by political theatrical performances intended to maintain those in power so that they can reward their supporters. (Situation normal …) A highly educated society is hard to herd; … Continue reading

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The Color Of Violence Laughs At Hypocrisy In Ferguson, MO

Two teenagers were recently shot dead by police; one in Albuquerque and the other in Ferguson, MO. The Ferguson police have not identified the officer involved. Riots have since roiled Ferguson. The New Black Panthers have rallied. U.S. Attorney Deneral … Continue reading

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The Rock-Ribbed Principles Of A Political Party

Time passes they say, and things change. It is incontrovertible in politics. We note for example: The United States Civil Service came via the Pendleton Act of 1883 as a reaction against the spoils system, that handed out government jobs … Continue reading

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