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Is the Obama Tailor Better than Romney’s?

Voters may not always seem the brightest lights in the political darkness as the classical “Emperor’s New Clothes” advertises but in the long run, there’s always been a little boy (named: “Reality”) to settle the illusions whether or not the … Continue reading

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The New Malthusians: The U.N. and the U.S. President

The new Malthusians are just as wrong as the originals were. Thomas Malthus announced that since food production increased arithmetically while human population increased geometrically, the only answer to general starvation was for government to limit population. The ‘green revolution’ … Continue reading

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Victory for Martha; Will We All Win Too?

How often does a nine year old Scots girl force the government to back up in public? Victory for Martha Payne explains one such event while suggesting too that our world has changed from under us. Martha’s local government banned her blogging about … Continue reading

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A Prophet Speaks of What He Doesn’t Know…

What’s going to happen this new year 2012? Damfino. But some things seem more likely than others, right? So let’s ruminate a bit on some of those of current interest. You can return in 2013 and laugh about the misses … Continue reading

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