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Intrepid Cops Capture 6 Year Old Emily, Arrest Her For Being a Kid

Were you, as so many of today’s kids, imprisoned through your childhood? From about first grade, I walked to the corner ‘convenience store’ that we used to call the grocery. I walked about a mile to school in my part … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Neatly Nails Gay Marriage…

Rand Paul’s Gay Marriage Answer won’t get much press; it’s too much truth to be allowed out there with all the propaganda. Let’s examine what this brouhaha is really about… If you’re a Democrat politician, it’s about pleasing a group of … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, the Pope…and Biology

When young western women grabbed THE PILL, ash-canned Judeo Christianity and ran off to live as immature boys at sex parties, they broke the image of the Western Woman. Government ‘help’ provided the necessary convenience abortion, divorce mills and financial … Continue reading

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Our Feminists are Channeling Esau…

Another Biblical story reprised in our reality: The story of Esau and Jacob. Esau, being hungry, famously sold his rights as first born son to his brother for a bowl of pottage. When the enterprising younger brother (by a few … Continue reading

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A 3 and an 8 Year Old Bring Down an Airliner With Fear?

Honest, I’m not making this up! Two kids, ages 3 and 8, refused to fasten their seat belts on an Alaska Airlines flight to Vancouver with their family, so the captain made an ’emergency’ landing at Portland. Not kidding! Emergency Landing … Continue reading

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The Stay-At-Home Spouse Returns! (Sort Of…)

Time was, a trophy husband was an old, rich guy, usually hooked by some blond actress or such. Now they’re telling us it’s a young, poor (and good-looking?)  guy who stays home and raises the kids while mommy goes to … Continue reading

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Pssst! Men and Women Aren’t Identical! Pass it on! (But not out loud!)

Remember when Wall Street and (Dem) White House hotshot Larry Summers was President of Harvard and was forced out for menitioning that men’s and women’s intelligences differed? That the point was perfectly true was no defense. Sex Differences In Infant Care Trump Gender … Continue reading

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