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The Trouble With Global Warming (The Planet Isn’t Following the Script!)

Global warming, morphed into ‘climate change’ when the warming didn’t materialize, is used to explain enormous takings and taxings by governments world wide. It’s very big business. The U.S. Environmental Police (EPA) and various state wanna-be’s use it too. About … Continue reading

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We’re Getting New Neighbors!

Did you know we’re not alone? ‘Activists’ (the new name for officious and bossy types wishing to impose their beliefs onto everybody at government gun point) have been upset over California’s Delta Smelt (a 3 inch fish), the Rio Grande … Continue reading

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The New Malthusians: The U.N. and the U.S. President

The new Malthusians are just as wrong as the originals were. Thomas Malthus announced that since food production increased arithmetically while human population increased geometrically, the only answer to general starvation was for government to limit population. The ‘green revolution’ … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight…Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Sleeping with mere acquaintances used to be commonplace in America though heavily frowned on by housewives; it was much like today but was more about blood than sex. Everybody was acquainted with bedbugs though few owned up to sleeping with … Continue reading

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New York Times re: Hot Times in the Big Apple!

If the New York Times still leads the Liberal Green parade (debated) we’re in for some hot times in the Big Apple and elsewhere. We already know we use too much energy,┬álive in oversized homes and drive oversized cars. Congress … Continue reading

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World’s Greatest (and only Legal) Voyeur: the Federal Government

Are you OK with govrnment looking in your windows, following your car and kids and monitoring your bank accounts and internet activity? In order of course, to protect you. If that’s a reasonable trade to you, stop and find another … Continue reading

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EPA Sneaking Power Cost Increase Behind Obama’s Back…(He Needs To Know!)

The helpful Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) is again doing behind the President’s back what he’s explicitly assuring us he doesn’t want done. His EPA is setting up new rules on U.S. power generating plants that will guarantee higher power costs. … Continue reading

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