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How the Government and the Left Have Swindled Blacks (And the Price They Pay)

Black violence and particularly, black violence against whites is an increasing epidemic with many more victims than Chinese bird flu but with nearly no publicity. World Net Daily has just reported on a large multi-college Beach Weekend at Virginia Beach, an apparently … Continue reading

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Leadership From President Obama (GOP: Be Careful What You Ask For…)

The Prez has stood up and led while his party and its GOP opponents in Congress continue to play kid-level games with the country’s finances. He has put up a budget proposal that faces this much reality: It identifies Social … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Costs: Why Are They Kept Under The Table?

Why, with all the present fuss about gay marriage, don’t we hear how much more the Social Security benefits for gay ‘wives’ will cost? Not to mention any other spousal benefits. A widow’s benefit is the greater of her own … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Neatly Nails Gay Marriage…

Rand Paul’s Gay Marriage Answer won’t get much press; it’s too much truth to be allowed out there with all the propaganda. Let’s examine what this brouhaha is really about… If you’re a Democrat politician, it’s about pleasing a group of … Continue reading

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Fixing Figure Skating (Part One: Boys)

Fixing figure skating covers a lot of ice. Fix what? Finances, now that the TV money is history and few are watching anymore? Fix the gymnastics-on-ice, anonymous scoring that is offending fans? The extortionate costs of participation? The dearth of … Continue reading

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Exporting Grandmothers…

Few know that our modern Germany didn’t exist before 1871 and fewer still realize that it created the social welfare model now taken for granted in Europe and North America. Social Security as we know it in America is a … Continue reading

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How, in America We’re Entitled While in Spain, They Must be Nuts?

Tell me please, who is the sickest nutcase? The politician spending 40% more public money than is available, or the ranting, raving street demonstrator insisting that he do so? Everybody in Spain knows the country is broke; we even know … Continue reading

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