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The Politics of American Ignorance (What You Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt Me)

The State of New Mexico possessed among the lowest high school graduation rates in the U.S, a scandal. Never mind, the Democrats who control the legislature and the Republican Governor agreed upon the solution: They reduced the graduation requirements. The … Continue reading

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Is Immigration The Next Crisis? Or Is Ferguson To Last A While?

A few weeks back, we were sweating the possible arrival of more Ebola patients in the U.S. Just before that, we were anxious that ISIS might start blowing up Americans. Still earlier, the concern was Russia’s badly camouflaged grab for … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … ( Politically Uncorrected)

Your compendium  follows, delayed a day by the widespread American compulsion to stop and eat a turkey in Thanksgiving on the last Thursday  of November. Many of us don’t particularly lie to eat turkey, but  the social compulsion is powerful.  … Continue reading

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American History Seems Too Confusing For Schoolteachers?

Schoolchildren we know inform us that history is boring. Given that it is full of more blood, sex, war, disease, invention and politics than any movie scenario, we sat down to consider that. We have noted, without paying particular attention, … Continue reading

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Your Kids, Your Money But Government’s Decisions From Now On … (Common Core Education)

The Obamafolk set off alarms in all directions taking over U.S. healthcare with Obamacare; why is there such silence with their takeover of American education via Common Core? But even Republican governors (with a few exceptions) have signed on. Common … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For, Mr. O’Reilly!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was concerned tonight that ISIS has unrestricted access to the Internet for its propaganda and further, that children using the net are unprotected from exposure to much that children, in his view, should not see. We … Continue reading

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Whom Are The Owners Of Children’s Minds?

Consider for a moment, the impending impact of the Internet upon public education. Obviously, some hundred thirty thousand school plants and staffs are now unnecessary to educate kids. Their secondary function, warehousing said kids while their parents are at work, … Continue reading

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