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Are Democrats Pushing Compulsory Equality?

Equality is a current Democratic mantra in their mad rush to kick dirt over Obamacare in order to obscure its manifest failings and costs. But their equality and that of America’s Founders are different sorts of beasts. The Founders saw … Continue reading

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The Ninth Beatitude: Political Prophecy In An Age Of Ignorance…

It was said that two trains headed towards one another on the same track, one whose engineer was Norwegian and the other whose engineer was drunk, were safe because “Norse is Norse and Souse is Souse and never the twain … Continue reading

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Has America Become A Two-Faced, Single Party State?

The claims to democracy by Communists were a hard sell in their one-party states; does a two-party state make all the difference? That, as the tiger said of his tail, depends. A political party should, per theory, represent the desires … Continue reading

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They Said: “Things Could Be Worse” And Sure Enough…

Unemployment benefits paid by states since the 2008 crash have lasted some six months, after which Federal extension benefits covered another 47 weeks until they recently ran out. That cut off funds to about 1.3 million recipients. The Democrats, anxious … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Fountain Will Foam Forever Or Until Gotterdamerung Or Something?

Generally, whatever is the subject, it seems that investment adviser Marc Faber is against it. His glass is never full and usually more than half empty. That said, his prediction that the Fed’s ‘insane’ money manufacturing will be endless has … Continue reading

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What’s The Difference Between A Republican And A Democrat Today?

Back just a few weeks ago, the GOP-controlled House was voting ¬†what resembled machine-gun bursts to repeal Obamacare, secure in the certainty that the Senate would never go along. What a difference a little time can make in Congress! The … Continue reading

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Compassion In New Mexico

Democrats in government are very compassionate; we know this because they tell us in their campaigns. Government compassion is a constant political theme. New Mexico, a good-sized Democratic state with a tiny population, is no exception, though it has presently … Continue reading

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How Our Political Parites Loyally Represent Us

The Left likes to use guilt to sell its programs; riding the convenient fact that self-preservation is a human basic. The ‘greedy seniors’ are currently on the grill for collecting Medicare and Social Security benefits that are now creating deficits. … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Our weekly accumulation of likely and unlikely reality presented for your evaluation, confusion and amusement or just so you can feel that your were right all along… The ‘Knockout Game’ nailed a cyclist. More in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. How … Continue reading

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A Good Deed For A Coming Day…

The City of Angels has a problem: The immigrant-heavy neighborhoods surrounding the central city are full of trash. Paper, cups, flyers, soft drink and beer cans, bottles and what have you are tossed into alleys or into the street; the … Continue reading

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