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America’s Financial Roulette Spins On…

Two new clouds have appeared on our darkening U.S. economic horizon. As we’ve been pointing out, we expect a financial storm, we simply don’t know when the first rain will fall. But the sky is dark and the wind is … Continue reading

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They Said: “Things Could Be Worse” And Sure Enough…

Unemployment benefits paid by states since the 2008 crash have lasted some six months, after which Federal extension benefits covered another 47 weeks until they recently ran out. That cut off funds to about 1.3 million recipients. The Democrats, anxious … Continue reading

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A ‘Roadrunner Moment’ At The Federal Reserve (And In Your Pocket…)?

“Helicopter’ Ben Bernanke, the retiring Fed Chairman, regretted in his las speech that the government had not spent more in its response to financial collapse since 2008. ‘Helicopter” Ben was awarded his nickname after a speech wherein he equated the … Continue reading

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On Keeping Your Eye On The Ball…

While the media distracts us with bewhiskered trivia from ‘Duck Dynasty’ and our exhausted from perpetual campaigning President staggers off to another vacation, is there really anything that matters going on? There is one thing, the one no one is … Continue reading

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The U.S. government (and others) is well, not facing but presented with some unappetizing (for a politician) choices. You can see here how much money the government owes and just how many of us are available to pay it. We … Continue reading

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Congress Does Deals At Last (Grab Your Wallets)

To much praise from various observers, Congressional leaders have accomplished a budget deal. As the deal dumps the sequester spending cuts in favor of a spending increase, we can see why the deal is receiving praise as a return to … Continue reading

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The Crash, 2008: A Who Dunnit…

Since the U.S. economy crashed in 2008, putting unemployment at the top of everyone’s watch list, the U.S. government and media have worked hard to prevent general public understanding of who to charge with responsibility for the event. That is … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Another Saturday compendium of current events to annoy, amuse or amaze as you decide. We see something in each; you evaluate for yourself. They are all hors d’oeurvres from the platter of present reality. In Harlem, a group of black … Continue reading

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Did You Know The National Debt Limit Has Been Suspended?

The U.S. national debt doesn’t matter; we owe it to ourselves. Our politicians appear to believe that, based on performance; is it true? Of course not, silly! Our government owes it, not we, and a chunk is owed to China, … Continue reading

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We Have Congress, Naked In Its ‘New Clothes’ But Where Is That Little Boy With The Truth?

America’s existential problem is simple; it spends more than it makes, the cautionary tale of wastrels through history. That was first supported by borrowing and every American worker today owes the resulting $123,000 that is his share of that debt. … Continue reading

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