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America’s Streets, Once Paved With Gold. Are Now Paved With Debt …

$152,000 we noted recently, is the average U.S. taxpayer’s portion of the nation’s debt. Plus, of course, interest, of course. We note as well, the ongoing decrease in the percentage of the population still working. Early last century, folk flocked … Continue reading

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Who’s In Charge (Wehn All Have Submarines, Cruise Missiles And Nukes)?

The fuss about Iran joining the nuclear powers goes on but few seem to care. President Obama does not seem to care; he’s presiding over a pro-forma dialogue with that country while it continues its lengthy pursuit of nukes. Even … Continue reading

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Who Were The Models For “Dumb And Dumber?”

The debt ceiling has been the recent, manufactured ‘news’ thrill intended to keep us hanging upon the media’s dole, lest we go fishing independently in the internet. That would deprive the news elite of their rarified salaries, leaving them to … Continue reading

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America’s Financial Roulette Spins On…

Two new clouds have appeared on our darkening U.S. economic horizon. As we’ve been pointing out, we expect a financial storm, we simply don’t know when the first rain will fall. But the sky is dark and the wind is … Continue reading

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They Said: “Things Could Be Worse” And Sure Enough…

Unemployment benefits paid by states since the 2008 crash have lasted some six months, after which Federal extension benefits covered another 47 weeks until they recently ran out. That cut off funds to about 1.3 million recipients. The Democrats, anxious … Continue reading

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A ‘Roadrunner Moment’ At The Federal Reserve (And In Your Pocket…)?

“Helicopter’ Ben Bernanke, the retiring Fed Chairman, regretted in his las speech that the government had not spent more in its response to financial collapse since 2008. ‘Helicopter” Ben was awarded his nickname after a speech wherein he equated the … Continue reading

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On Keeping Your Eye On The Ball…

While the media distracts us with bewhiskered trivia from ‘Duck Dynasty’ and our exhausted from perpetual campaigning President staggers off to another vacation, is there really anything that matters going on? There is one thing, the one no one is … Continue reading

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