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The Digital Revolution of American Education…(Blow, Baby, Blow!)

The digital revolution of American education will reduce the combination of Hurricane Sandy and the recent Oklahoma tornadoes to a light breeze by comparison. Since the 1930’s when Progressive Education and the teachers’ unions first infesed American public education, it … Continue reading

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If the West Had Been Won Under President Obama…

Let’s suppose for a moment, that our present government was in charge in the days when America was being built. The colonies became states, you remember. They linked up via commerce as well as politics and the North industrialized. Our … Continue reading

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Pravda Calls Obama a Communist! (We Call It the ‘Human Comedy’ for a Reason…)

The world, or at least the human-run part, adds up to a funny place. The official home of Communism, the U.S.S.R, struggled with the United States and western Europe over more than half a century to impose its views and … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain Falls Plainly… in America

Americans know in their guts that foreigners are corrupt by U.S. standards unless their native language is English or after that, Germanic. From there, things degenerate as one heads south and become hopeless in the Middle East, Africa and Latin … Continue reading

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The World is Equalizing; We Can Fish or Cut Bait…

This is the short, simple, unpleasant way it is and will be. You won’t like it. I don’t like it, but that doesn’t change it. It’s the reality you aren’t hearing anywhere else. Western civilization industrialized, thereby getting rich. Nobody … Continue reading

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Ned and Tom Have Moved to Washington and Gone Into Politics…

Couple of fellows I’d like you to meet: Ned Ludd and Thomas Malthus, both Brits now dead but with a lot to say about present U.S. government policy. Tom, an economist but respectable otherwise,  did his thing in 1898. By … Continue reading

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Louisiana: Can’t Monkey with Casket Costs, Capisce?

The Progressives formalized crony capitalism early in their reign with the Sherman Antitrust Act, originally intended to protect us from corporate greed, or at least promoted that way. Progressives have always seemed worried about corporate greed but have seldom appeared to notice … Continue reading

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