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How Figure Skating Lost Its Way…

Figure skating was a gentleman’s pastime of drawing diagrams on the ice with skates when American ballet dancer Jackson Haines started performing his art on skates. His creation was called: “free skating” and added to the sport so as competition … Continue reading

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Our Ephemeral ‘Recovery’

We’ve reported the dropping economic shoes from time to time, recently in South America, when such events show the realities behind our Panglossian economic ‘recovery.’ Another bit of gritty reality has just appeared from China: Tarnishing Steel. The linked report will … Continue reading

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Your World Is About To Change…And You’re Not Ready!

Sometimes we see change coming, as we saw factory robots and computers and understood, if vaguely, that they would change our lives. Sometimes we don’t see it coming; it knocks us over from behind. That’s 3D printing. Nobody’s ready but … Continue reading

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Is Abortionist Dr. Gosnell A Criminal, Evil Or Just A Sloppy Operator?

A  courtroom horror story is currently fattening the ratings of the battening media in Philadelphia as anyone able to see and hear Fox News is aware. But those battening are a curiously restricted list. Conservative, pro-life news sources are hip-deep … Continue reading

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Are Figure Skating’s Finances Learned From Congress?

Figure Skating was a sport when winning only got you a medal. It was costly and difficult; mostly practiced by kids with moneyed parents. National events occurred in rinks and officials paid their own expenses. There were few practitioners and … Continue reading

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Obama’s in the White House, the World is Safe Again; You Can Relax!

Romney couldn’t save us, so we didn’t elect him. Fair enough. Newly President again Obama can’t save us either, but we elected him anyway. Didn’t know what else to do with the first 1/4 black U.S. president, I guess. He’s … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain Falls Plainly… in America

Americans know in their guts that foreigners are corrupt by U.S. standards unless their native language is English or after that, Germanic. From there, things degenerate as one heads south and become hopeless in the Middle East, Africa and Latin … Continue reading

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General Tso’s Road Kill?

Traditional Chinese cuisine has just been expanded by American entrepreneurial spirit admixed with traditional U.S. southern cooking. However, at least one diner, perhaps insufficiently a gourmet, responded by notifying not the Iron Chef show but rather, the cops. Road Kill Foo … Continue reading

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The World is Equalizing; We Can Fish or Cut Bait…

This is the short, simple, unpleasant way it is and will be. You won’t like it. I don’t like it, but that doesn’t change it. It’s the reality you aren’t hearing anywhere else. Western civilization industrialized, thereby getting rich. Nobody … Continue reading

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Meeting Murphy’s Enforcer: Reality

U.S. government and America’s Big (and now international) Business have been selling out the American middle class–with its enthusiastic support–for over 50 years. And the greedy suckers deserve it, though their children, who will suffer the most, do not. A … Continue reading

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